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Self-Storage Solutions for Your Business

October 23, 2017

Business owners have a lot of responsibilities and often have to juggle many different things at once. Day-to-day business, management, payroll, bills, etc. For business owners who own or rent commercial real estate for their shop or office, the high expense can be daunting. Despite this, you want your business to grow, and a booming business sometimes means your space can’t keep up with growing demand. This is where utilizing a self-storage unit for your business proves invaluable.

Store Records and Files

Client files, employee documents, human resources-related paperwork – it all piles up, fast. A few filing cabinets can turn into rows of paper-stuffed space that takes over valuable real estate. Move your files (preferably in fireproof file cabinets) into your secure self-storage unit.

Manage Retail Overflow

If you own a retail store, product overhead is key to success but also takes up a lot of space. Seasonal products need a place to sit and buying patterns are fickle between different items, so storage units come in handy for the overflow. Having that extra space to temporarily store the items that can’t fit on the shelves every single day will make your life a lot easier, and just a quick trip down to your storage unit means your shelves never sit empty.

Store Extra Equipment

Mechanics, construction, landscapers and many other companies utilize big, heavy equipment that often takes up a lot of room. Self-storage near your business or geographical work zone clears up space and offers a convenient place to put extra or temporarily disabled equipment.

Climate Controlled Units

Climate controlled units provide a clean, quality place to temporarily put items you need quick and convenient access to. These units keep your belongings safe by maintaining a stable temperature that protects them against extreme heat or cold, as well as humidity. This type of solution will come in handy if you’re storing furniture, electronics, books, clothes, or other items whose safety might be subject to temperature changes.

Businesses that require ample amounts of storage space find value in what self-storage offers. At Clarence Secure Storage, we offer small, medium, and large sized storage units, as well as climate controlled units. Our facility has 24/7, drive-up access and is gated with individualized security codes. Let Clarence Secure Storage help your business grow!