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A Brand New Storage Facility Just East of Clarence!

                                    RV and Boat Storage

If your RV or boat is taking up space in your garage, driveway, front or backyard, it’s time to look elsewhere for storage. Clarence Secure Storage is your best option to safely store away your most valuable vehicles. You won’t be using your boat at all times throughout the year, so when the offseason hits, bring it to us. The same goes for your RV. If you don’t have a family trip planned, don’t let your RV sit around for months on end. What sets us apart from our competition? We have generously sized lots so you don't have to fear what all RV owners fear, moving a large vehicle through a small area.


When you park your RV or boat with us, we go above and beyond to ensure the protection of your investments with around the clock and perimeter fencing to avoid theft or other possible damage caused by intruders. 


Prepare Your RV or Boat For Storage
Check tire pressure 
Change your oil 
Refresh coolant 
Disconnect battery
Remove electronics or belts


With a complimentary, oversized wash down station you can rest assured that when you roll out of our facility, your RV will be so clean that everyone will think you went out and bought a brand new one!


We make vehicle storage simple, quick and easy. All you have to do is drop it off and pick it up when you need it for a boat ride or road trip. All tenants have 24 hour access to their vehicles, just enter your code into the keypad. As long as you’re mindful of who has your access code, your boat and RV will be safe at all times. Clarence Secure Storage is the place that you should depend on whenever you need an affordable and secure place to park. Head over to our unit prices page to see about prices and availability.